Stafford Primary Trade Area

The Stafford PTA is quite large and reaches east to the 610 Loop on the west side of Houston. The Stafford PTA is home to 746,543 people and is expected to grow to 826,340 by 2018 (10.7% total growth). The Stafford PTA encompasses portions of Bellaire, Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Meadows Place.

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Other Trade Areas/Market Information

Stafford has several other trade area delineations including a drive time trade area and a concentric ring trade area. In order to see these trade areas and how they interact with other information such as traffic counts and existing retail, Click Here to access the Maps and Data page.

Catalyst Commercial, Inc. put together a Market Analysis for the City of Stafford in March of 2014. Click Here to view that document.

Demographic Overview - PTA

Population 2013 746,543
Population 2018 826,340
Daytime Population 222,266
Average Household Size 3.03
Median Age 33.0
Median Household Income $48,242
Average Household Income $60,765


Source: Catalyst Commercial