City of Stafford Profile

Demographics¬†Of The City of Stafford Population The City of Stafford currently has a population of 18,285 and is expected to grow to 21,265 by 2018, a total growth of 16.3% in five years. The City's population is predominantly white, black, or Asian and about one quarter of the population is of Hispanic origin. Income The City of Stafford has a median household income of $51,250 and is forecasted to have an annual growth of 5.4% to reach a median household income of $64,995 in 2018. The City has an average household income of $67,539 and is expected to have significant growth, 3.4% annually, and reach $79,004 by the year 2018. Education The City of Stafford's residents have a higher level of educational attainment than both State and National averages. ¬†...Learn More »